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Brand Essence

Mar de Rosas

Devoted to inspire and protect the authenticity of the Bohemian woman.

At Mar de Rosas we are passionate about designing beachwear


Because it inspires us to be part of your fascinating stories, creating meaningful and versatile pieces that allow you to flow through your special moments with style and ease; from day relaxation to nighttime adventures, from social shares to more intimate connections.

Indisputable authenticity

We love to inspire you to own your style and give it that authenticity seal that clearly stands out from the crowd.

Bohemian Family of Co-Creators

We love to collaborate and co-create with brands that allow us to enrich every day our proposal for the bohemian woman.

Footprint on planet

Above all, we cherish our team, their families and our planet. We are passionately committed to lessening our footprint on earth and making quality of life a priority. Therefore, we make an effort to use eco-fabrics and packaging with recycle materials and support our local economy and workforce.

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